Group 31

When interviewing firms, this scorecard may be used formally or informally to track your impressions of each consultant and firm.

We specifically recommend asking each firm's references the questions marked with an asterisk.

Rate each attribute using a maximum of 5 points per attribute.
1 = poor, 5 = excellent.

  Firm 1 Firm 2 Firm 3
Relevant Experience      
The consultant and firm have worked extensively on searches at senior levels in this particular industry (e.g., higher education, independent schools, non-profits).      
The consultant and firm have successfully completed many similar searches.      
*The firm demonstrates an understanding of your institution's needs and expresses these effectively and clearly.      
*The firm will be flexible and adaptable to your search committee’s specific needs.      
The firm will customize its search process to serve your goals best.      
The firm has a clear and effective client portal that your search committee will be able to use in accessing candidate information.      
Partnership Potential      
This firm and consultant seem like a team with whom you want to work.      
*They ask insightful questions.      
*They are good listeners.      
*They are passionate about search in this sector and profession.      
*They are collaborative and will continue to be collaborative over time.      
*If issues crop up, they address them in an effective and thoughtful manner.      
You are happy with what you learned about the firm from checking references.      
Candidate Quality and Information      
The firm has access to a varied and diverse candidate pool.      
The firm has proven that it knows how to identify candidates from diverse backgrounds.      
*The firm will provide a complete picture of each candidate, informed by cover letters, relevant candidate documents, and soundly expressed insights sourced directly from those who know the candidate well.      
You will be included in the process of checking references.      
There are factors not stated here that make you want to hire the firm.      
There are factors not stated here that argue against hiring the firm.      

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