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Across more than 1,000 searches, the Storbeck Search team has developed a five-step search and hiring process that has resulted in marked success identifying and securing leaders who thrive at the institutions they serve. Each step provides a framework for an intentional search that is attuned to the needs of the institution and to the marketplace of candidates


Understanding, collaboration, and partnership are our watchwords as we approach our search process with you. To position you for success, we commit to partnering with the hiring authority and the search committee through the entirety of the search.


We will draw on our broad networks and proactively recruit accomplished candidates who may not be looking for new positions as well as candidates with strong ties to the client institution.


In our experience, aiding in the committee's evaluation of candidates begins at the start. 

Six-Step Referencing

Storbeck Search stands firm in our unyielding adherence to the “no surprises” rule in search, which powers our approach to due diligence in a six-stage referencing process.


Our support does not end when a candidate is selected. Our consultants work closely with the hiring manager to advise on compensation, the must-haves of leading candidates, and best practices for a successful transition.

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