Group 31

Our proactive recruiting generates the top candidates, who are often not actively seeking a new position but are persuaded by the opportunity that we present to them.

Candidates regularly report to us that we provide the support that ensures the search process addresses their needs and concerns from start to finish. This thoughtful approach advances a positive understanding of your institution and the opportunities that it offers.

Our process for determining where to look includes:

  • Assessing the landscape of possibilities.
  • Identifying organizations, media, and audiences that appeal to the talent that will best suit your needs.
  • Reaching out to individuals across our network likely to know of strong candidates for this specific opening.
  • Examining the promise of tapping into less conventional sources of candidates for each position.

Our process for determining how to look includes:

  • Blending the optimal mixture of tactics to identify the strongest candidates for your institution’s needs.
  • Contacting sources directly to assess interest and gather leads.
  • Tapping into the deep experience and and cross-sector connections of all of our Storbeck and DSG teams.
  • Consulting our extensive database for timely candidate ideas.
  • Advertising to generate awareness and reach new audiences.

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