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Storbeck Search differs from other firms in our unyielding adherence to the “no surprises” rule in search, which powers our approach to due diligence in a six-stage referencing process:

      • Backgrounding:

        Before we even speak to a candidate, we source prospects and their attributes with extensive internet research and leverage the data we have compiled in our comprehensive candidate database.
      • Connecting:

        In parallel with backgrounding candidates, we reach out to our contacts to ask specifically about the candidate in question – confidentially. We are able to do this and maintain confidentiality owing to our years of search experience and the strong networks we have developed. Our contacts trust us, and we trust them.
      • Discovering:

        After the committee has narrowed the candidate pool down to about 10-15 top prospects, we conduct negative press and social media checks. Working with a trusted vendor, we conduct a full review of all publicly accessible information (e.g., internet, news publications, student newspapers, blogs, social media) to identify any potentially negative information concerning these candidates. 
      • Traditional referencing:

        We take this step typically after an initial (in-person or video) interview. We encourage the committee to play an active role in this outreach.
      • Off-list referencing:

        Here, too, we encourage the committee to play an active role. It is important to note that this stage of referencing is, like the others, carefully coordinated and structured, so that we all know who is calling whom, when, and how. We have a highly trained staff of professional recruiters and reference checkers, and whether the committee is involved in this referencing stage or not, we employ an appropriately aggressive referencing model to ensure that we explore all possible avenues of questioning, while balancing the need to be respectful of the candidate.
      • Verifying:

        Once the committee has identified finalists, we complete a full background check through a trusted outside vendor. The report may include: employment and degree verification; civil and criminal legal review and checks; plagiarism checks; credit and financial history checks; confirmation of veteran status as appropriate; national sex offender registry, etc. We share this report only with the hiring officer, as it contains sensitive financial information. If significant issues arise from the report, we make a recommendation to the committee to reconsider the candidate. As an additional option, should the committee desire to use a psychological assessment, we offer several leadership assessment tools along with interpretation by a certified assessor.

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