Group 31

Bringing Our Expertise in Leadership Search to Independent Schools

Founded to focus specifically on the education sector in executive search, our firm has formed strong partnerships with independent schools from the start.

A New President for a Pioneer Research University

Samuel L. Stanley, Jr., brings a record of committed leadership and fundraising success to Michigan State.

A New President Strengthens a College's National Momentum

Barbara K. Altmann, Franklin & Marshall’s first female president, brings a substantial record of leadership.

A Female President Breaks New Ground

After a wide-ranging search, Elon University chose Constance “Connie” Ledoux Book to be its next president.

A Visionary Civic Engagement Leader Takes the Helm of a College Consortium

Finding an exceptional leader for a consortium means finding someone with a special combination of abilities

A Transformative President Recognized for Leadership

In 2011, Shelly Storbeck partnered with Stevens Institute of Technology for a president search that resulted in the selection of Nariman Farvardin. In 2017, President Farvardin was the recipient of the Carnegie Corporation of New York’s Academic Leadership Award.