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Our Conversation with John Bravman, President of Bucknell University

Diversified Search Group is hosting a special limited series of webinar conversations featuring leaders from around the nation talking about how they’re leading, innovating, managing, and inspiring during this crisis moment in our history. In these informal, insightful half-hour chats, some of the country’s top executives in all sectors talk about #WhatI’mLearning – about life and leadership in an extraordinary time.

On Tuesday, June 16th, we welcomed John Bravman, President of Bucknell University and Chair of the Board of Directors of Geisinger Health. President Bravman was joined by Shelly Weiss Storbeck, Managing Partner of Storbeck Search and Executive Managing Director and Education Practice Lead of Diversified Search Group.

Storbeck asked questions about what college life will look like this fall, and more. What decisions face college presidents as they balance the safety of students, staff, and faculty with the traditions of campus life and collegiate sports? What additional challenges and opportunities will the current focus on racial injustice bring? 

Bravman spoke about his experience as "a first-generation college student, second-generation American" and his gratitude for "what a college education did for me."

On "the legacy of racism that is deeply embedded in our country" he said, "It's not about rhetoric, it's about actually doing things." He emphasized that in the long term, "nothing will matter other than what we do."

"Our institutions have to change fundamentally," he affirmed.

Bravman spoke about leadership throughout, and he ended with some advice for new college presidents: "Find out who your key people are going to be. Very actively seek their advice. Beg them to tell you what they actually think, not what they think you want to hear."

We invite you to view the 30-minute conversation here

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