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Storbeck Search Update on COVID-19

To our clients, candidates, and friends:

In these challenging times, we consider safety our top priority in every decision we make on behalf of our clients, candidates, and staff, as we remain nimble, responsive, and as dedicated as ever, to each of you.

We recognize that for our education and nonprofit clients, the situation is unprecedented. The consequences and difficulties are many: education, research, and outreach are being disrupted; conferences, meetings, and launches are being postponed; and there may be long-term implications that have yet to be identified.
But if the situation is unprecedented, so, too, is the degree of collaboration, flexibility, and determination that we have all shown, as we work to safeguard the health of our national and global communities.

Responsive Solutions and Dedicated Service

At Storbeck Search & Associates, we stand ready to provide uninterrupted service while adapting our executive search model to fit your needs in these uncertain times. We are actively working with clients to develop strategies for moving searches forward while being creative with contingency plans.

Whether you are a client or a candidate, we urge you to contact your search consultants directly if you have any questions or need help thinking through a challenge.

Virtual Capability

Every member of the Storbeck Search team is equipped and prepared to do their work virtually. All of our systems are cloud-based, ensuring a seamless transition to a virtual workplace. Moreover, we have extensive experience coordinating meetings and interviews via phone and video and trouble-shooting technical challenges.

Travel Policy

Storbeck Search and our parent group, The Diversified Search Group, are adhering to public health recommendations regarding travel, for the sake of our clients, candidates, and employees, and the wider community. We will continue to monitor and update travel guidelines as more information becomes available.

As always, we are committed to our clients and to the missions you serve. We thank you for your continued trust in our skill and expertise, and we wish you good health and optimistic spirits in the days ahead.

On behalf of all our colleagues at Storbeck Search,

Shelly Weiss Storbeck, Managing Partner           
Charles Bunting, EdD, Partner                                
Sherry Coleman, EdD, Partner                                
R. Thomas Fitch, PhD, Partner                                
Stephen Leo, Partner
Sue May, PhD, Partner
Jim Sirianni, PhD, Partner
Julie E. Tea, Partner
Susan VanGilder, Partner
Ruth Shoemaker Wood, PhD, Partner