Group 31

Managing Partner

Shelly Weiss Storbeck

Shelly has one of the most widely recognized names in the field, having recruited senior leaders for America's most prestigious colleges and universities. She has led Storbeck Search as an independent firm since 2007.


Charles Bunting, EdD

Chuck Bunting conducts searches for senior positions in colleges, universities, and other nonprofit organizations and has been working in executive search since 2000. While Chancellor of the Vermont State Colleges over the prior fifteen years, he co-chaired…


Sherry Coleman, EdD

Sherry brings extensive experience in public and private education at the K-12 and post-secondary levels, having held positions as an administrator, teacher, and adjunct professor. She is also an experienced recruiter and search consultant with a strong…


R. Thomas Fitch, PhD

With more than 25 years of recruiting and search experience, Tom brings to every client relationship sound judgment, credibility, and a focus on partnership with institutional leaders and search committees. He understands the essential leadership qualities…


Stephen Leo

A seasoned search professional with more than two decades of experience in higher education executive search, Steve has conducted searches for presidents, vice presidents, senior development officers, deans, and other executives. Moreover, Steve speaks…


Sue May, PhD

Sue has successfully led searches for a wide range of positions within higher education, ranging from academic affairs to student affairs, and from enrollment to technology. She also conducts select presidential searches. Her approach is collaborative…


Nishant Mehta

Over a career spanning two decades, Nishant has worked on behalf of K-12 schools of all types on issues of leadership, culture, strategy and change management, and equity and justice.


Jim Sirianni, PhD

Jim’s 20 years in higher education working with senior leaders have instilled in him a deep respect for the responsibilities that academic and administrative leaders undertake.


Julie E. Tea

Julie has served higher education for more than 25 years and is in her 14th year of executive search.


Susan VanGilder

With more than 20 years’ executive search experience, Susan has identified and recruited leaders for a wide variety of institutions in the education and nonprofit sectors, in the United States and abroad.


Ruth Shoemaker Wood, PhD

Ruth Shoemaker Wood brings scholarly training and hands-on experience to her understanding of the higher education landscape. Prior to entering the executive search sector, she served as Assistant Dean of Students at New York University’s College of…


Sue Bosland

Sue brings extensive experience in the independent school sector, having held key leadership positions in primary and secondary education over the course of three decades. Most recently, Sue completed a long and successful tenure as Head of School at…

Vice President, Search Operations

Lesley Boyd

With more than two decades of executive search experience, Lesley Boyd has conducted more than 200 searches in higher education for presidents, vice presidents, deans, and other leadership positions. As Vice President of Search Operations, Lesley leads…

Chief Operating Officer

Megan Knott

As Chief Operating Officer, Megan manages the day-to-day operations of the firm, including: accounting and financial reporting, client and vendor contracts, human resources management, treasury, and compliance.

Manager, Database and Technology

Dan Meola

Dan has spent his career working in varied research and information management roles. At Storbeck Search, he administers the firm's database and technology resources and oversees data management processes.

Managing Associate

Matthew Bunting

Since 2011, Matthew has managed numerous searches in a variety of sectors in higher education for multiple positions, including presidents, chancellors, vice presidents, and deans, among others. Additionally, Matthew has written on issues facing academic…

Managing Associate

Tammarah Townes

Having completed more than 100 searches in a wide array of industry sectors, Tammarah brings depth and breadth of experience to the Storbeck team.

Senior Associate

Lindsay Allison

Lindsay's career demonstrates her commitment to K-12 and higher education. She enjoys helping others, whether it’s teaching them something new or connecting them with great opportunities.

Senior Associate

Amanda Bennett

Amanda combines a commitment to serving mission-driven institutions in the education and nonprofit sectors with 20 years of experience identifying and recruiting executive leaders.

Senior Associate

Kenna Boyd

Kenna has extensive higher education experience and a deep passion for advancing the mission of an institution through hands-on relationship-building, client service, and strategic planning. She brings special expertise to development and advancement…

Senior Associate

Brian Bustin

Brian’s career has focused on serving and furthering education both in and out of the classroom. Earlier in his career, Brian taught at the secondary and post-secondary levels before moving into higher education executive search where he has facilitated…

Senior Associate

Vicki Henderson

Vicki’s career in higher education recruiting began more than 15 years ago. She has led and managed recruitment efforts for college and university president, provost, dean, and director searches, as well as searches for leaders in development, student…

Senior Associate

Holly Jackson

With 15 years of experience collaborating with top business schools and companies to attract the best diverse MBA talent, Holly Jackson has devoted her career to promoting diversity in higher education and mission-driven organizations.

Senior Associate

Anne Koellhoffer

Anne’s passion for working in the world of higher education began with her student work positions in institutional advancement as a freshman at Haverford College. Anne has worked on searches for multiple positions, including president, provost, vice…

Senior Associate

Matthew Marsallo

Matthew has spent his entire career in education, holding various administrative positions at both the secondary school and university level.

Senior Associate

Beth McCarthy

Beth offers a longstanding commitment to higher education through her work in recruitment and enrollment management. This commitment spans the entirety of her career and employment at a variety of higher education institutions.

Senior Associate

Liz Moseley

As a seasoned search professional with more than 10 years of experience, Liz has assisted more than 175 searches in higher education and in the nonprofit sector, identifying and recruiting academic and administrative leaders.

Senior Associate

Julia Patton

Since 2008, Julia has held several key roles on higher education executive search teams and has supported over 60 searches at the president, vice president, and dean levels.

Senior Associate

Alyssa Perez Leal

Alyssa has worked in higher education throughout her career. Prior to launching a career in executive search, she began as an admissions fellow at her undergraduate alma mater and worked in admissions offices for institutions private and public, domestic…

Senior Associate

Lisa Solinsky

Lisa brings to Storbeck Search extensive experience in education, nonprofits, and community leadership and deep knowledge of advancement and fundraising in those sectors.

Senior Associate

Julie Williams-Krishnan

Julie has more than 10 years of executive search experience and has managed numerous searches for a variety of colleges and universities, for positions including president, provost, vice president, and dean.


Carly Rose DiGiovanni, EdD

Carly Rose brings to Storbeck Search & Associates nearly twelve years of experience serving mission-driven institutions and communities in the higher education and nonprofit sector.


Carol Fairborn

Carol has more than ten years of experience in human resources management and employee relations. She has recruited across a wide range of fields, including the nonprofit, healthcare, finance, and transportation logistics sectors. She earned a bachelor…


Mark Halligan

Mark has devoted his professional career to education, with 20 years of experience serving in various administrative roles at an independent secondary school and two universities.


Staci Williams Seeley

Staci Williams Seeley was born into a family of educators, and she has gained expansive experience in the field across more than 25 years. College counselor, nonprofit executive director, development director, middle and high school teacher, college mentor…

Senior Research Associate

Matthew D’Annolfo

An experienced research associate, Matt provides timely support throughout the search process by gathering and presenting data, information, and marketplace trends.

Research Associate

Jay Beckham

As a research associate, Jay provides strategic research intelligence and support throughout the search process while also providing expertise and assistance on technical and research matters.