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Attracting and ultimately appointing a senior leader of a university or college, independent school or nonprofit, is one of the most important endeavors that most search committee members will ever undertake. The leader you choose will set the course for your institution – or a significant part of it – for years to come.

The ability of the institution to fulfill its mission hinges on finding exactly the right person for the job – the one with the right mixture of skills and traits, who will balance tradition and innovation, decisive leadership, and collegiality.

If you are on a search committee for the first time – a board member, administrator, faculty member, or student who has been newly tasked with recruitment – or have previous search experience but wish to review the topic, we can help you get started with comprehensive advice for conducting a successful search.

We would be happy to speak with you and answer any questions that you have about the search process and the advantages of hiring Storbeck Search to assist in your search.